The Associate-Owner Experience

Be a Trusted Healthcare Professional and a Successful Franchise Owner

Shoppers Drug Mart Associate-Owners are committed to helping Canadians embrace a healthier outlook on life.

Our Associate-Owners are driven by a dream to build a secure future - practicing pharmacy the way they have always wanted.

You are not just looking to make a better living – you’re a leader who wants to make a better life for yourself, your family, your patients, your staff, and your communities.

When You Succeed We Succeed

Focus on Your Business

As an Associate-Owner, you will actively manage and oversee the day to day operations of all aspects of your Shoppers Drug Mart licensed business. Successful Associate-Owners use their business insights to maximize the success and profitability of their business while growing the Shoppers Drug Mart brand.

Focus on Your People

Motivating and inspiring your team to do and be their best will translate to success not only for your team but also for your bottom line. Inspiring and developing a winning team at your store is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of becoming an Associate-Owner.

Provide High Level Patient Care

Your professional skills and leadership in the Pharmacy is still a core focus of your week. Your significant presence in the Pharmacy and commitment delivering the highest level of patient care is critical to establish trusting relationships with patients. You will be directly involved in achieving ongoing success in the Pharmacy side of the business.

Be a Leader in Your Community

Being an ambassador in your community for your Shoppers Drug Mart licensed business allows you to show that you care about the health and well being of your community. Shoppers Drug Mart has a large number of community-related programs dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all Canadians at a national, regional, and local level. It’s good for Canadians and it’s good for your ongoing success!