Why become an Associate-Owner?

We're looking for pharmacists who, in addition to their professional talents, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed. That's where you come in.

At Shoppers Drug Mart®, we have been working for over 50 years to enhance our reputation as trusted health care professionals in communities across Canada.

Today, with over 1,300 locations across the country, Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's retail drug store leader. With superior technology like our HealthWatch® system and our innovative offerings such as our disease management programs, the Shoppers Drug Mart organization is recognized by generations of Canadians for providing the highest standards of patient care.

As an integral part of our plan, our Associate-Owners offer the best in health care advice, customer service, and an exceptional in-store experience.

As we continue our growth and expansion plans, many new Associate-Owner opportunities will present themselves.

An Opportunity To Grow

As an Associate-Owner, many opportunities exist for you to develop professionally to advance your career such as:

  • Moving to a preferred location when your expertise is demonstrated and/or locations become available
  • Exploring Canada by seeking ownership of a store in another Province or Territory
  • Participating in organization-wide committees and initiatives
  • Starting a career with Shoppers Drug Mart at Central or Regional Offices. Former Associate-Owners who have previously demonstrated their business management skills in their licensed businesses may pursue regional and corporate positions with Shoppers Drug Mart.

Do you have what it takes?

To be an Associate-Owner, you must be a pharmacist, legally licensed to practice in your chosen Canadian province or territory.

Associate-Owners are appointed by Shoppers Drug Mart based upon their past performance and experience, an extensive interview process, a review of appropriate references, and upon their successful participation in Shoppers’ own Leadership Excellence and Development Program (LEAD).

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The Associate-Owner Experience

Shoppers Drug Mart Associate-Owners are committed to helping Canadians embrace a healthier outlook on life. Our Associate-Owners are driven by a dream to build a secure future - practicing pharmacy the way they have always wanted.

You are not just looking to make a better living – you're a leader who wants to make a better life for yourself, your family, your patients, your staff, and your communities.

When You Succeed We Succeed

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Benefits of Ownership

All of our Associate-Owners can move forward with financial confidence. Why? No initial capital investment is required on your part and no personal assets need to be pledged to Shoppers Drug Mart, banks, or suppliers.

Shoppers Drug Mart offers all Associate-Owners a minimum level of earnings which is presently $120,000 per annum. This provides assurance to the Associate-Owner that his or her basic financial needs will be met. In addition, Associate-Owners have the ability to generate additional earnings based upon the performance of the business. As the profitability of the store increases, so do the Associate-Owner earnings.

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How to become an Associate-Owner

Let us know that you would like to learn more by contacting a Pharmacy Recruitment Specialist in your region or speaking with your Associate-Owner or District Manager. Candidates will have the opportunity to learn about the Associate-Owner concept in more detail, and have a personal dialogue regarding their career goals and aspirations.

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Franchise Support

Each Associate-Owner is supported by their in-store management team - backed by a large team of operational resources that are available to assist you in all aspects of the business. Your most frequent contact will likely be with your District Manager and your Pharmacy Operations Specialist, both of whom are dedicated to helping your business success and career development. Additionally, there are many other specialized resources to support you, such as those who advise you regarding human resources/employee relations issues, recruitment, store systems, loss prevention, retail accounting, and beyond.

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